Staten Island NYC Latin DJ

So you are having an event and Titi Maria only speaks Spanish? She loves Spanish music too. So you need a versatile and knowledgable Latin DJ. Well you have found it! TWK Events can help you.  As Latino owned owner operators, we love what we do.

We started our business in 1998 with the Spanish / Latin events in mind. With our experience and simple life lessons, coming from Queens, The Bronx & Brooklyn, we have all the Latino tracks you can ask for. Yes, you can actually request special songs and artist via our online party planner and music request list!  Marc Anthony  Gran Combo, Hector Lavoe,Tono Rosario, Romeo Santos, Azuna, DY, Carlos Vives, Mana and may more. According to our past clients we are simply the best for your NJ Latin DJ needs. We all speak Spanish and English fluently and DJ equally as well. We DJ in the Staten Island / NJ / PA Tristate area. Contact us now and leave the party stuff to us.


 TWK Events - Staten Island Latin Spanish bilingual DJs. 

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